Project & programme management

When it comes to managing IT- related projects Comvote is partner of choice. Our extensive experience of successfully managing a vast array of change processes have given us the ideal basis to support you through your next IT change.  

Programme management

Our experience managing ERP implementation processes has set us up with a great foundation for your change programme. From local, national to international programme changes we are set up to support you. Our expertise lies with SAP ECC, SAP S/4HANA and IFS however we are comfortable and able to support various other ERP changes. Comvote takes care of the entire process including budget management, stakeholder management as well as chairing steering committees.  

Project management

Next to Programme management you could of course be in need for support with various different IT projects, from restructuring to in- and/ or outsourcing, setting up blue prints for IT & business processes or just generally supporting with your digital transformation. Comvote is experienced and set up to entirely unburden you throughout your projects.  

During your project Comvote will take care of everything from planning to quality checks, contract control and project administration. Comvote will additionally oversee supervision of any employees and any on- or offsite contractors involved. In short, Comvote will take full control of your project to ensure you can focus on business as usual whilst getting project updates and of course, results.

Advice & Consulting

IT is in ever-growing fashion becoming a key staple to any organisation. It is evolving the landscape of work more rapidly than ever and Digital Transformation is no longer optional.  As such Comvote is set up to support, advice, coach and train on set ups, enhancements or renewals of your IT resources as well as IT & business processes. Our aim is to create a structure facilitating short, mid and/ or long-term business objectives. Our passion is nurturing your business performance through the right IT solutions. Ensuring the right decisions are made and your teams are correctly trained and supported in learning how to use the IT resources is key to nurturing this business performance.  

Risk management

Making the changes in your IT processes & solutions and implementing these could bring along some risks to your business continuity. Comvote can support your business with analysing the risks to your organisation as well as advising how to best overcome certain risks.  

Second opinion

Ensuring the best choice of solution is made before investing in it is critical. In order to enable you to do so Comvote offers second opinions. Weighing up the requirements and the solutions to advice you on the best fit solution for your organisation.  

Interim Management

IT plays a vital role in business continuity. Unfortunately, you cannot always plan how things play out in business. Making sure you have the right manning levels and support could be critical to cover a period of absence. Comvote however, will not just settle for bridging this gap but will actively contribute to achieving short and/ or long-term business objectives. Nurturing your businesses performance through IT where possible.


Comvote as IT player knows how important it is to have the right infrastructure solutions. As such Comvote believes in thorough support and advice when it comes to your IT set up and offering you solutions at a competitive rate.  Examples of our offering: 

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